Here are a list of shrt Films and Documentaries show casing the beauty and tradition of
East Sepik.

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by Tigress Productions of UK.


The Insect Tribe of Papua New Guinea were unknown to the outside world until 50 years ago and have a reputation as fearless crocodile hunters.  Donal joins the warriors on a terrifying night-time hunt in dugout canoes, where the tribesmen think nothing of spearing crocodiles as big as their canoes.  The tribe still uses seashells for money, but things are changing fast as the 21st century encroaches on their lives.


by Tigress Production of UK



The Insect Tribe – A small tribe hidden within the flooded forest of Papua New Guinea lives as hunter-gatherers, a way of life which revolves around a tight community.  Tigress lived and filmed with the tribe over 2 weeks in April 2006 documenting their lifestyle, beliefs and unique culture.  The British film team were bombarded with questions about their Western lifestyle.  So, the same production team have invited them to Britain for us to gain their insight into the British way of life and culture.  Three 1-hour documentaries for primetime Channel Five will follow 6 members of the tribe as they journey around parts of Britain and experience how we run our lives and what we believe in.