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Ambunti Lodge is situated in Ambunti Station in the upper Sepik River area.


The lodge has 10 self-contained rooms with private electricity provided and rooms have airconditions. The lodge has kitchen that prepares basic meals and have facilities for liquor as well. The accommodation caters for general public and tourists. The lodge offers Lodge based day tours to Upper and Middle Sepik villages and the highlight is to early morning tour to Wagu lakes to see the bird of paradise in its aanatural sanctuary qat Wagu village.


Room rates K250. Per night self-contained with two beds in each room.


You are all welcome. APO SEN AN METEKA TAWA.



Ambunti lodge is located in Ambunti district of East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea.


The hotel is under construction. Under this 3 storey structure we have 8 basic rooms providing accommodation for domestic travellers from outside of Wewak especially from West Sepik and Maprik areas. We have 6 rooms fan cooled with shared bathrooms and two self contained rooms with AC.

- Fan rooms at. K150.00 cash only

- AC rooms at K250.00 cash only

We also provide Surfing trips from here. You can Surf at Moem Point or options to Muschu and Karasau Islands. We can also provide Wewak sight seeing tours, day trips to the mystical Sepik River or you can take our longer Sepik River canoe tours of your choice at your convenience. You can also stay here and go to one of our Festivals that we promote. From here we also organise Japanese War Memorial tours and we also handle Cruiship Shore Excursions at the Seaport of Wewak and Kopar village at the mouth of the Mystical Sepik River.



Sepik Surfsite Lodge is located at Sect: 04 Lot: 03 on Boram Road. It is only 5 minutes away North East of the arrival and departure terminal of the Wewak Airport.

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